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Hello! My name is Claire, but people call me Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre for short. No they don't, but they should. Theatre and Orphan Black. Also "partial to" (meaning, in this case,completely in love with) Whedon things. I don't make any cool stuff, so don't expect it. I mostly just reblog the funny stuff that you reblog. Don't judge me.



this shit is fucking cool i dont give a fuck 

that was so sweeeet

Fractured Fairy Tales
by Television's Greatest Hits
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Fractured Fairy Tales (1959)


"average person eats 3 spiders a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Main Title
by Ramin Djawadi
from Game of Thrones
148,461 plays

Ramin Djawadi - Main Title


Had you been there today you might also have known…


Fact: blankets keep you safe at night. We dont know what from, but they are definitely an immunity against something.


trying to get out of my pajamas in the morning



there are so many stage to movie musicals coming out and being made this year and none of them look like shit yet i might have a heart attack 


Sydney University Hacks Its Bell Tower To Play The Freaking Game Of Thrones Theme

Yeah, you read right: the goddamn University of Sydney — those smartypantses — rigged their bell tower so it would play the incredible opening theme to Game Of Thrones. This is awesome.

This video was uploaded — and presumably captured — on Friday outside the main hall of the University of Sydney, and the jaunty bells are ringing out in clear, crisp harmony, the theme to Game of Thrones.


So proud to go to usyd


one time in broadway’s lion king the actor playing simba was sick and so were his understudies so they literally called the lead in aida a few blocks away who played simba to come and fill in even though he hadnt played simba in YEARS and he did and the audience never knew and theatre is incredible